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Swing Bed Program

Next Steps

Person Memorial Hospital Referral Line

Phone: 336.503.5681

Fax: 336.503.5687

Benefits of Utilizing Swing Bed Services

  • Patients have more time to recover and gain strength before leaving the hospital.
  • A registered physical therapist provides daily therapy centered on self-care skills and body strengthening, increasing a patient’s independence upon discharge.
  • A certified dietary manager is available to work with Swing Bed patients to meet their special nutritional needs.
  • Patients have continued access to their doctor and the hospital’s services.

Who Qualifies for the Swing Bed Program?

Patients who qualify for Swing Bed must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have a medical need which qualifies the patient for a skilled service.
  • Medical condition must be stable.
  • Must have skilled benefits available.
  • Medicare patients must have at least a three-day consecutive acute care stay before going on the Swing Bed program.

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