Thank you for choosing Person Memorial Hospital to meet your health care needs.  We consider it a privilege to serve you and your family.

The Registration Process:

All patients are required to go through the hospital registration process in order for the departments to accurately perform and record your stay with us. Our main priority is to perform the registration process as quickly and accurately as possible.

Your Admissions Representative will ask you detailed questions in order to complete this process. You will be asked to provide photo Identification and proof of Insurance (if available). In order to maintain accuracy standards with your billing statement, we must verify this information on each visit to our facility.

Once the registration process has been completed, you will be asked to sign a treatment authorization form allowing us to perform the service(s) your Physician has ordered. You may also be asked to sign additional forms. Your Admissions Representative will explain these forms to you prior to requesting your signature. The Admissions Representative may ask for you to pay any known Co-payments or Deductibles due on your Insurance policy. Payment is expected prior to receiving services at our facility.

What to Bring:

  • Photo identification (ie. Driver’s license)
  • Physician Orders
  • Insurance, Medicare or Medicaid card
  • Advanced Directives (if available)
  • Work-related injury - workers' compensation claim number and any claim forms required by your employer
  • List of all daily medications including the name strength and dosage information
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Personal items for admission (pajamas, slippers, robes, etc.)

Estimated Charges:

We try to give you an accurate estimated of your charges at time of service.  There may be additional charges after coding of all procedures performed has been completed.  Discounts are available for payment at time of service.  

Other Related Bills:

You may also receive physician bills related to your treatment from physicians who are independent contractors. 

  • Attending Physician/Surgeon
  • Emergency Room Physician 
  • Anesthesiologist 
  • Radiologist
  • Pathologist
  • Hospitalist


If insurance information was provided at time of service, we will submit a claim for hospital services.   Applicable deductibles and co-payment amounts are expected at time of service. 

As a courtesy, Person Memorial Hospital will file a verifiable third-party claim and help in any way possible to expedite their payment. However, please remember that the patient is ultimately responsible for the hospital bill because an insurance policy is a contract between patients and their insurance company. If an insurance payment is less than our estimate, you will be billed for the balance due. Person Memorial Hospital can provide payment arrangements and financing options.

Medicare Recipients:

Medicare Part B does not generally cover drugs that can be self-administered, such as those in pill form, or are used for self-injection.  Unless your secondary policy covers this charge, you may be billed for these medications.  

If you have any questions about your bill, please contact our Business Office at 336-503-5695.  

Financial Assistance:

Person Memorial Hospital recognizes that there are occasions when you may not have the financial means to pay a medical bill.   We offer FREE eligibility screening service for Charity, North Carolina Medicaid, and Government Insurance for Pre-existing denial of coverage.  

In order to determine eligibility for assistance, the patient/guarantor must provide the following information:

  • Financial assistance application
  • Federal Income Tax form 1040 for prior year
  • Pay stub for four prior pay periods.
  • Written verification of income received 
    • Social Security
    • Aid to Dependent Children (ADC)
    • Child Support
    • Alimony
  • Property/Asset verification

MedAssist is available in the hospital to determine your eligibility status for these programs.  MedAssist is available Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.  They may also be reached by phone at 336-503-4805.

Glossary of Terms:

Pre-Registration:   Processing of verifying patient information over the phone prior to your scheduled appointment or surgery.

Registration:  Required for each visit, process to identify information about you to preform services billing.

Deductible:  Amount you are required to pay annually before your Insurance Benefits apply

Co-Payment:  A flat payment amount for certain services based on your insurance benefits.

Co-Insurance:  A percentage of the approved charges that you may be responsible for after deductible/co-payments have been applied.

Deposit:  Amount required to be paid during registration for services.

Non-Covered:  Items that are not covered by your insurance benefits that you are responsible for payment.