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Do you, your spouse or a relative get a good laugh (or secretly cry) out of a family member who snores? It can be a funny situation with the different sounds a person can make while they are sleeping. Snoring and funny sounds may be an indication the loved one has a sleeping disorder such as Sleep Apnea. A sleep disorder is a medical condition that disturbs your sleep cycle and affects your health and well-being.

In addition to affecting your health, a sleep disorder can disrupt relationships with family and friends, cause injury from accidents and put you at risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and other medical conditions.

During periods of snoring or Sleep Apnea an individual has short periods of not breathing. This can occur hundreds of times during the night preventing both you and your partner from getting the proper rebuilding rest you need so that you can remain healthy.

It is estimated that over forty million individuals suffer from sleep disorders.

The good news is that many sleep disorders can be easily treated and can make a tremendous difference in the way you feel during your waking hours. If you have any of the symptoms below you may have a sleep disorder. Ask your doctor for a referral to Person Memorial Hospital's Sleep Lab.

Signs of a Sleep Disorder:
  • Chronic or Loud Snoring,
  • Chronic Daytime Fatigue,
  • Chronic Difficulty Falling Asleep or Staying Asleep,
  • Excessive Daytime Sleepiness,
  • Restless Sleep,
  • Frequent Napping,
  • High Blood Pressure,
  • Overweight,
  • Poor Memory,
  • Morning Headaches,
  • Gasping for Breath During Sleep, and
  • Dozing Off During Daily Activities
Person Memorial Hospital's Sleep Lab is located next to the hospital at 509 Ridge Road. A team of well-trained and experienced professionals staff the Lab. Our patients find our rooms comfortable, quiet and relaxing. Each room has a bed, nightstand, telephone and a television - all the comforts of home. A sleep study requires spending a night in our Sleep Lab. Most studies are done at night and will not interfere with work schedules as patients are generally through by 6 am. We also do studies during the day for those who prefer them. The study is relatively easy for patients - it requires little effort on your part - you just have to fall asleep.

After your study a board-certified physician will review your results, and a plan to alleviate or control the sleep disorder can be determined.

Most insurance plans will cover a sleep study with a doctor referral.

Call 336-598-7264 to schedule your sleep study.