In an effort to minimize the impact of this flu season, PMH has to take special measures to protect patients, residents, staff and visitors. It is often difficult to tell who may be contagious because people may actually be infected with the flu and spread the virus before any symptoms develop. Due to this fact, Person Memorial Hospital will be instituting several restrictions and precautions, mainly pertaining to limiting visitors to all hospital departments. These restrictions will go into effect today December 2013, and continue throughout this flu season.  The following provisions will go into place:

On all Inpatient Units:

-  Visitors under the age of 18 years will NOT be permitted entry into the hospital, unless he or she has an appointment or needs medical treatment.

-  All visitors must be free of flu-like symptoms (fever with cough and/or sore throat). Visitors will NOT be allowed to enter the hospital if they have any flu-like symptoms.
-  Only two people at a time may visit inpatient.