Admissions - What to Bring

Even though the hospital can provide many of the necessary items during your stay, most individuals feel more comfortable with their personal items.  Items to bring include: Insurance, Medicare or Medicaid card, Physician order sheet, Copy of Advance Directives, Contact information for your closest relative, Toiletries such as tooth brush and tooth paste, hair brush and comb, powder, shampoo, deodorant, electric shavers, lotion, mouthwash, Gown/pajamas and robe, Slippers, Reading material, Personal items such as eyeglasses, contact lens solutions and container, hearing aids, dentures and prostheses, Money for vending machines and/or cafeteria, A list of medicines you normally take, Living Will, Health Care Power of Attorney, Notary, etc.

An individual who is 18 years of age or older has the right to make decisions regarding his/her health care. These decisions are recorded on Advanced Directives. An Advanced Directive from another state is not valid in North Carolina.

Person Memorial Hospital will gladly provide North Carolina Advanced Directives to anyone requesting a Living Will or Health Care Power of Attorney.

A Living will is a legal document telling your doctor and/or health care providers whether or not you want life-sustaining procedures or treatments administered to you after you have been determined to be terminal, incurable or in a persistent vegetative state. It is called a "Living Will" because it takes effect while you are still living.

A Health Care power of Attorney is a legal document that permits you to appoint another individual to make physical health care or mental health care decisions for you if you are temporarily or permanently unable to make those decisions yourself. This document permits you to limit the scope of the health care agent's powers.

Advanced Directives require a notary to witness the signature. Person Memorial Hospital has a notary available to assist during normal working hours.