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Letter to the Editor

Progress at Person:  Joint Boot Camp Opens and Radiology Expansion Begins

Beemal Shah, Chief Executive Officer, Person Memorial Hospital


From the new Joint Boot Camp to a multi-million dollar radiology expansion, the progress and momentum transpiring at Person Memorial Hospital is palpable.  And we are only just beginning.  

This summer, Person kicked off its first Joint Boot Camp class.  This free class is open to anyone in our community who is getting ready for joint surgery, such as hip, knee or shoulder.  Our hope is that through this program our patients and their caregivers will be better prepared for surgery, and for life post-surgery. 

Joint Boot Camp is led by Person’s experienced orthopedic providers and meets every second and fourth Friday of the month, from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m., in the easily-accessible Surgical Services Family Waiting Room.  While the program is still in its infancy, the first few sessions have been a hit with patients.  We are anxious to watch it grow and see the benefits it provides our joint surgery patients and their families.     

In other hospital news, Person Memorial Hospital has taken the first step toward advancing our medical imaging services.  Earlier this month, we began a $2.5 million radiology expansion project that includes the installation of a state-of-the-art, fixed MRI scanner.  While we’ve had a mobile unit for some time, this new, permanent machine will have a significant impact on our hospital and our community by offering comprehensive MRI services on a full-time basis.  Patients will no longer have to schedule scans months in advance or drive to another facility for an MRI.  With this important service expansion, patients of Person Memorial Hospital will be able to receive quality care close to home right when they need it.  

While the construction is expected to take several weeks, we are glad to share that it will not interfere with the delivery of services and quality care to our patients.  Installation is expected to be completed in October, but patients will continue to have access to the same radiology services that have previously been offered at Person in the meantime.

The hospital’s radiology expansion initiative is just one of the many ways we are committed to growing our services, enhancing quality care and improving the overall patient experience at our facility.  Once this project is complete, we will begin working on renovations to our Extended Care Unit.  This project will include renovating rooms, updating amenities to enhance the comfort of our patients, and building a cafeteria for patients and visitors.

To say we are excited about our progress at Person is grossly understated.  We have so many wonderful programs and initiatives in the works that will truly benefit our community, and we are eager to share those with you in the weeks and months to come.  Most importantly, we have a dedicated and talented group of staff, clinicians and physicians whose top priority is caring for you. I am proud to work alongside each of them as we work to make our community healthier for many years to come.