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A Little Time: If you want to make a difference, In the theme and scheme of things, If you want to be a doer, Not just a player of life's games, We're not asking for your money, Wouldn't accept a cryin' dime, What we need from you most of all, Is a little of your time - Gene Brown, Red Bluff CA

Person Memorial Hospital has a strong and vital volunteer program that includes an Auxiliary, teen volunteers, college students and other students completing volunteer efforts for educational purposes.

Volunteers give their time and talents to make a difference in the lives of the patients and residents of our hospital as well as the citizens of our county and surrounding areas. They serve with compassion, respect and care.

Volunteers can deliver direct patient care or assist in a variety of ways in non-patient areas. They can be recognized by their cheerful smile and willingness to help. Their contributions make our hospital a better place for our community.

Volunteers typically find that in helping others they help themselves. Their efforts are truly appreciated by the staff, patients, residents and their families. Volunteers are needed in almost every area of the hospital. They serve in areas such as the Gift Shop, as friendly visitors, and as clerical helpers.

All volunteers must go through an orientation program prior to volunteering. If you are interested in volunteering, telephone please call Pam Williams Director of Volunteers at 336-503-5799 or pick up an application at the hospital Gift Shop.


Spiritual Care

Person Memorial recognizes the part spirituality plays in the healing of our patients. Therefore, we are starting the recruitment process for the Volunteer Chaplaincy program. Volunteer chaplains visit each newly admitted patient, offering to notify the individual's personal pastor or others and offer assistance in coping with the challenges that illness and hospitalization may bring. Those wishing to be a part of this program should contact Michelle Piraro Director of Business Development @ 336-503-5692.