New Construction and Renovations


In 2009 Person Memorial Hospital completed new constructions and renovations on the ICU, Emergency Department, Specialty Clinics, and Surgical Suites.

Person Memorial Hospital (PMH) is a not-for-profit community hospital located in Roxboro, North Carolina.  PMH combines the traditions of caring with modern facilities and equipment to provide the best possible healthcare for the citizens of Person County and the surrounding area.  To better serve our community, we recently replaced and modernized our Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Department, Surgical Suites, Laboratory, Specialty Care Clinic, Cardiac Rehabilitation Facility and Central Energy Plant.

The Intensive Care Unit has six private rooms (including a positive or negative air pressure room), modern equipment, and a large nursing station.  The unit is strategically located close to the Emergency Department and adjoining the Surgical Department.  Highly skilled nurses, utilizing a low nurse to patient ratio, staff our ICU so as to be able to provide the most patient-focused care possible for our sickest patients.

The new Emergency Department has a large triage area that is set-up to allow almost instant access to emergency services without the patient having to go through an up-front registration process.  Within the department one will find a dedicated trauma room, a cardiac room and seventeen beds divided into two distinct areas, plus a minor treatment area equipped with geri-chairs.  The two functional areas allow the treatment both low-acuity and high-acuity patients in a timely fashion.

As a result of the construction, the Hospital now offers four large fully digital surgical suites that can accommodate a substantial range of surgical procedures.  Currently orthopedic, ENT, ophthalmic, and a broad range of general surgeries are preformed on a routine basis.  Professionals from DukeMedicine provide anesthesia services.  Family members of surgical patients can wait in a comfortable waiting area equipped with restaurant style pagers for the families, private consultation rooms and staffed with a volunteer host.  Outpatient surgical patients also have a private exit and pick-up zone.

The Specialty Care Clinic was one of the first areas renovated in a recent construction project.  The Clinic is designed in a fashion similar to a typical physician’s office with a reception area, waiting room, multiple exam rooms and support offices.  The Clinic serves as a satellite office for a number of physicians including the specialties of cardiology, endocrinology, hematology/oncology, nephrology, neurology, pulmonology and rheumatology.  Most of these physicians are affiliated with DukeMedicine.  The Clinic also houses a chemotherapy department.

The new Cardiac Rehabilitation and expanded Physical Therapy facility just opened in early 2011.  In addition to cardiac rehabilitation, complete physical, occupational and speech therapy services are offered.  This facility offers a direct entrance from a reserved parking area and a modern exercise gym complete with bikes, treadmills, weight machines, a therapy pool, dressing rooms and a shower.

In order to support all of the new areas and the hospital as a whole, a new central energy plant was first constructed to house new generators, boilers and related equipment.  Thus the hospital has modern infrastructure support.

Of course, all of this construction and renovation was done to further improve our ability to provide outstanding services for our community.

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