Cardiac Rehab Grand Opening - January 13, 2011


Person Memorial has now relocated the cardiac rehab program to a new space on the ground floor of the hospital adjacent to the rehabilitation (physical, occupational and speech) department. This project has added nearly 1,000 square feet of space to accommodate the cardiac rehabilitation services provided by Person Memorial. The expanded department has a direct entrance, designated parking spaces and a separate check-in area for cardiac rehab clients. Additional space for equipment will enhance the number of clients who may be served and the therapies they receive.

Roxboro Savings Bank held a Fund Raising Drive that resulted in $293,784 community donations of which Roxboro Savings matched the first $85,000, these donation has covered virtually all the cost for the facility.

Staff at the center are:

Medical Director: Dr. Allen Kindman

Program Director: Jolinda Cullinan

Registered Nurses: Donna Davis, Melissa Colwell

Dietician: Alesa Eanes

Psychological Counselor: Dr. Margaret Maytan

Vocational Rehabilitaion Counselor: Chanda Armstrong

Physical Therapist: Trevor Matulys

Office Manager: Kandi Shotwell

Volunteer: Marion Oakley

Assistants: Carol Mitchel, Tonya Shaw


Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in Person County and North Carolina. Person Memorial’s medically supervised Cardiac Rehabilitation program is designed to help individuals with heart disease recover faster and return to fuller and more productive lives.

Person Memorial’s cardiac rehab program embraces a team approach offering clients an initial assessment, an individualized cardiovascular conditioning exercise program, educational sessions, psychological counseling, nutritional counseling and the support of a rehabilitation group. The types of heart patients we serve are patients who have congestive heart failure, angina, heart attacks (MI), post bypass surgery or ballon angioplasity, pacemkers, valve repair/replacement, arrhythmias, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, COPD and one heart transplant. The program opened in July 1999 with 25 clients, averaging 10 per day. Now we serve 61 clients and average 35 per day. 768 clients total served.

Until the opening of the new facility this week the department was located on the second floor of the hospital in a 512 square foot room. Because of the various types of equipment needed for cardiac rehab, the space was very cramped and provided a challenge just to move around the room. The limited space also limited the number of Personians who could be served and encourage to adopt a heart-healthy lifestyle.

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